Friday, July 27, 2007

Dietitian secrets

…HA once interviewed a dietitian who was scheming as to how many Hershey Kisses you could eat in a day and still be considered prudent.

…Dietitians can be a blast!

…Marjorie Fitch-Hilgenberg, assoc professor of dietetics at the Univ of Arkansas, has to talk about food all day and then go home and cook some.

…To do this, she keeps her pantry flush with useful staples. How many do you have on hand?

…Fruits and veggies. She loads up on canned and frozen. How about a couple of kinds of canned beans to make a quick salad—toss in some vinaigrette and you’re eating. Frozen fruit over ice cream or yogurt? Not bad.

…Rice and pasta. She keeps plenty around. Plus cornbread mix (since she’s southern).

…Bread freezes. Also have tortillas on hand for a change of pace.

…For protein, open tuna or salmon. Add herbs from the garden. Or even try canned chicken…it’s fast and always there.

…For calcium, she keeps cheese around. It freezes. You can throw almost any cheese into pasta. Powdered milk can thicken sauces or be used in a pinch if you forget to pick up moo juice at the store.

…The seasonings she keeps can make chicken or other leftovers a new meal from might to night…curry one night, taco filling the next. Don’t forget garlic powder. It transforms everything.

…HA also has those little noodle side dishes that come in envelopes. Everyone is always up for those.

…She also has frozen spinach for an extra pizza topping on storebought. Yummo!

...What things would always be in YOUR fridge or in your pantry?

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