Thursday, July 12, 2007

Good old iceberg

…HA has a confession to make. She likes iceberg lettuce. Maybe it goes back to the days when her mother used to cleave a head into quarters and hand each kid one to tide them over until dinner.


…Now, the old fave has fallen into disfavor…bland, declasse and worst of all, not enough vitamins.

…Writing in the Chicago Tribune, Renee Enna says the crunchy standby was developed in 1894 by Burpee. It was shipped in crushed ice, making the round heads look like icebergs peeking up.

…Foodies disdain the pale-ish green beauties. One-ninth as much Vitamin A as romaine, sniffs one. One-third as much Vitamin A as romaine. On-fourth as much iron as butterhead.


…Who eats lettuce for the iron? Have a steak or a spinach salad!

…But our old bud has hung in there—in fact, it’s 70% of the Calif lettuce crop.

…The other kinds pricker the roof of your mouth, or taste metallic or bitter (the chemicals they contain to discourage bugs—those also discourage HAs).

…Choose iceberg heads that give a little. HA weighs two in her hands and buys the heaviest. Keep it unwashed in a plastic bag in the fridge.

..Wash thoroughly but don’t soak those leaves—they are already watery.

…Dry the leaves and wrap them around sauteed meats and spices or grilled veggies. Or top with bleu cheese and bacon.

…Hamburgers with romaine, with those woody stemmy centers? Tacos with flabbery, weak-sister Boston lettuce? That’s just wrong!

…Sometimes the oldies are just plain goldies.

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