Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hugo or Huge-0?

…Andrew Martin, writing in the NYT on July 22, tells us that McDonalds is sick of being nice and all calorie-conscious and now has…er…rolled out the Hugo, a 42-ounce drink with 410 cals!

…What happened to the salads, the yogurt, the apples with dipping sauce?

…Does Hugo look bigger to you? Did anyone leave him alone with the health food?

…A McDonalds spokesperson was quoted as saying, in all innocence, that people drink more in summer.

…Aw, well, Burger King has a four-pattie sandwich, after all.

…When the Arches first went up, in 1955, a soda was 7 ounces. Hugo is 6 times that!

…Double cheeseburgers outsell salads 10 to 1.


…What is in some of that stuff anyhow? HA used to live in the same block with a McDonalds—actually in two different apts. That white, ice-cream-like product would lie on the sidewalk for hours in the beating sun and never melt.

...Stephen King, call your service.

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