Monday, July 23, 2007

Is generic just as good?

…Most health plans only want to pay for generic drugs—those made by smaller companies (often) after the drugs go off patent.

…Generics are supposed to be bioequivalent to the higher priced version, meaning they are absorbed by the body at the same rate and extent.

…HA once thought she saw a difference between her generic and name-brand BP med. She started thinking morbid thoughts, felt life wasn’t worth living, etc., on the generic. Her pharmacist said he had heard of this from certain fillers in some generics.

…Now, don’t freak out! This does not mean you have to shell $100+ for every prescription! Most generics are fine. HA is even back on the generic BP med and very much alive.

…But Patricia Farrell, PhD, author of How to be Your Own Therapist amd a licensed therapist, says some practitioners in the mental health field, especially, say some patients can get worse or go backwards on generics.

…Could it be the fillers?

…Farrell says patients are often blamed for this—of not taking the pills or not at the proper time and doses. It might not be them, but the PILLS.

…Farrell says she is diabetic and had sugar increases when she switched to a generic.

…HA warns again, this is not all people, not all generics, and not all situations. But if you do feel crappy or that something is wrong, bring this up with your doctor or pharmacist!

…Maybe you are so special, generic is not for you!

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