Wednesday, July 11, 2007

One, two...quit

…Any movement helps, says Gregory Florenz, a spokesperson for the American Council on Exercise .

…You don’t need to set aside half an hour a day or equip a home gym, according to Kathleen Doheny, writing for Health Day.

…Even short bursts of 10 mins a day several times a day is good.

..Even older people, 70 to 82, lived longer with short exercise bursts.

…This can be vacuuming, washing dishes, running around town in and out of the car.

…In one study, working out only 72 minutes a week resulted in older women’s improving their fitness by 4%.

…In an article HA wrote for WebMD, according to Joan Price, MA, a fitness motivator, public speaker, and author of The Anytime, Anywhere Exercise Book (Adams Spring, 2003), the number one most common excuse not to exercise is, “I don’t have time.”

….“Exercise gives you energy. It doesn’t take it away,” she says. "You gain time—you can do everything else you need to do more quickly and with a clearer head.”

…If you are waiting at the copy machine, on hold, or at the car wash, you can do calf raises, desk pushups, or thigh presses. If you don’t have to sit in your job, stand. If you don’t have to stand still, pace back and forth.

…Of course, take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk up moving escalators, and in the store, take two hand-baskets instead of a cart.

..Why, just typing this, HA burned 100 cals.


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