Tuesday, July 31, 2007

People, pets, fine line

…Anita Manning, writing in USA TODAY, says medical doctors and vets are joining forces to treat people and pets together.

…One Health is a program launched in July by the American Veterinary Medical Assn, to integrate human and animal health, public health, education, research, and clinical practices to help two-legged and four-legged at the same time.

…Some universities will work on joint research projects.

…Part of this is to attract more young people to vet school—a shortage of vets is looming.

…With fewer vets, more diseases could go undiagnosed.

…Remember, 75% of new infectious diseases start in animals. People eat animals and snuggle up with them—they need to be kept healthy.

…But unhealthy people can also hurt animals—take smoking, for instance, a major focus of One Health.

…Dogs whose owners smoke are more likely to get lung cancer, and nasal sinus cancer. Catsof smokers are more like to get feline lymphoma.

…They did a study at the Henry Ford Health System in Detroit and of 3,378 pet owners, 21% of dog owners and 24% of cat owners smoked.

…If they knew second-hand smoke would hurt their pets, almost a quarter said they would think about quitting and almost another third said they would try to quit.

…Kinda makes sense. It’s not like our pets, who are living in our homes, can go get a different atmosphere.

…Work has also been done that shows a hefty pet probably means an overweight owner. Get out that leash!

...P.S. HA notices that vets call after a procedure to see how the patient is. People docs could try this! It's called caring.

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