Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Scratch the sniff

…In the LA Times (July 16th), Christ Woolston writes about the aphrodisiacs of the animal kingdom…pheromones.

…Funny story. Pigs light up when they smell androsteone, a byproduct of sex-crazed boars, and other animals are slaves to the smells, but humans…not so much.

…Yet, you see products everywhere with the sexy pig stuff in them.

…Men are the main customers for these supposedly alluring and irresistable goos. (HA got a spam an hour ago headlined something like: Make Women Sleep With You Immediately.…Preferably before she starts wrinkling her nose and saying, “What’s that smell?”)

…The pitch is that this stuff awakens the vomeronasal organ in the nose—the so-called sixth sense. (“I see dead, smelly people”?)

…The author wrote Realm cologne and Got2B Magnetik (got2b a bad product name) and barristas and others were able to resist him like nobody’s business.

…Problem is, the jury is sort of out on whether humans even have pheromones. Yes, women get in a better mood sniffing clean, fresh male sweat off t-shirts.

…Top scientists think that sixth sense thing in our noses has no function.

…Back to Barry White, HA guesses. With some tollhouse baking smells, maybe?

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