Thursday, July 05, 2007

Skeeters are out to get ya

…Eeeeeee….that high-itched tiny scream…You are not alone. A mosquito has joined you.

…Besides being an ear-twitching annoyance, mosquitoes carry West Nile and St Louis Encephalitis in the US—not to mention malaria and Dengue Fever almost everywhere else warm and humid.

….Ooo, they are bad.

…You can try to kill as many as possible—but do those planes flying around at dawn spraying your yard, pool, and kids’ play areas make you uneasy?

…People also apply “poison” to their bodies to ward off the little brats. Check out Spray permethrin on clothes not skin.

…The preferred killer, DEET, has been shown to make rats spastic. This stuff has even been mentioned as a possible partial cause of Gulf War Syndrome. In Canada, products must contain less than 30% DEET. Here, you can get it at 100% strength.

…Never use DEET in kids under 2 and look for concentrations around 20%. Apply it with your own hands (not spray) and then wash your hands.

…You can also put out zappers to lure bugs to their deaths. One doc jokes, though, that they should be located in the neighbor’s yard because they attract bugs before killing them.

….Repell Lemon Eucalyptus, a new product, is supposed to be as good as DEET without the menacing side efx.

…The best technique is to stay out of buggy places at dusk and dawn.

…Wear light-colored, loose clothing. No red.

…Tuck pants into boots.

…Check for ticks after rooting around the woods.

…Heck, the critters are winning…all we can mount is a holding action!

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