Monday, July 02, 2007

Summer refreshments

…The National Nannies have not completely wiped out drinking. Whew. A nice
cocktail has its place and not everyone turns into a mess or a lush.

…Unless they are alcoholics, with the inconvenient and sometimes ruinous metabolism that cannot process alcohol properly, men can enjoy two drinks a day and women one, without tipping over the edge into some state of dishonor.

…A drink is…4-5 ounces of wine
10 ounces of wine cooler
12 ounces of beer
1.25 ounces of 80 proof distiller liquor

…Some alcohol, and especially wine, in these amounts has been shown to enhance health.

…Mixed drinks (soda, juices) were invented to keep British sailors from scarfing their whole rum ration at once. They are yummy.

…Summer drinks should be “long,” meaning tall. More liquid, diluting the alcohol, which can make one feel too warm.

…Alcohol is about 100 cals an ounce. A margarita is about 550. A pina colada, 293 cals.

…Some bartenders and food critics consider gin and tonic to be the perfect summer drink—refreshing and because of the quinine, you hardly ever get malaria.

…Spritzers are zippy—the carbonated part cuts the cals. Lob in cutup fruit.

…Some bad drinks? Yes, there is such a thing. Chartreuse tastes like gasoline. Jagermeister (does not contain animal blood, that is a myth, but just the fact that it came up…). Ever Clear is bad and even blots out even the taste of Kool-Aid. Long Island Iced Tea—800 cals! Absinthe, well, you know that is bad—look at Van Gogh’s ear problem.

…So skol, cheers, and to your health! Have fun. Remember fun?


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