Monday, July 30, 2007

Tumor "paint" could be a boon

…Do you ever get sick of the “Greatest Generation” being called the greatest?

…HA does.

…She interviews so many dedicated scientists and physicians working seven days a week on the most arcane experiments, all to better our welfare. She thinks the three generations since World War II are pretty darn great, too.

…Case in point, you know when someone has cancer surgery, the doctor tries to take the tumor out and as much of the surrounding area as is vulnerable—but not overdo it and cut away too much?

…At Seattle Hospital Research Institute and the Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center, docs have discovered that a fluid made from a protein derived from scorpions, called chlorotoxin, helps docs tell bad cells from normal brain tissue (July, Cancer Research).

…MRIs can only pinpoint an unhealthy area if it contains a million cancer cells or more. This “paint” can highlight cancer lesions with as few as 200 cells.

…So far, this has been tested only in mice, but FDA clinical trials lie ahead.

…When you drive by a university late at night, this kind of thinking and research might be why you see a few windows lighted.

…And we are talking Gen Z, Y, Z, Millenials or however they are labeling people these days.

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