Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Butching back up

…According to Catherine Skipp and Arian Campo-Flores, Newsweek, Aug 20, 2007, some men are forking over the dough to have hair planted on their chest, face, and belly to make them look more masculine.

…Yes, that guy is wearing a raccoon hat. That was not mentioned in the article as a way of masculinizing one’s image. But Davey Crockett did kill him a bar when he was only 2.

…No shoulders? Back hair is always so attractive!

…Yes, we now have retrosexuals. The more “refined” metrosexuals are giving way to those seeking a more rugged look.

…Can you see Larry the Cable guy getting surgery to get hairier?

…One gentleman in the story got a nose job, then got another one to get his then too small proboscis made bigger.

…Retros are also asking for square, manly chins.

…HA is old school—if you are being rehaped by surgery, this is not the height of manliness.

…Why not get punched?

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