Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Time not on side of boomers

…Food! That’s the answer. (Yes, no matter what the question…)

…A nutrition scientist at Tufts says fortifying foods can slow the onset of disease 5-15 years.

…For one thing, antioxidants, zinc and copper can slow macular degeneration and could prevent 300,000 cases of blindness.

…Upping Vitamin D, this guy says, could combat arthritis, multiple sclerosis, gastro problems and immunse response.

…Boomers need to be made part of the process in creating these foods. They are seeking adventure through food, maintains one expert.

…Today, though, HA read again that adding folic acid to everything may be preventing birth defects, but increasing colon cancer.

…According to one study, boomers say they avoid transfat, high fructose corn syrup, fatty foods, and white stuff made with refined flour, but still guzzle their pomegranate martinis, wine, and chocolate.

...Well, duh!

…HA sometimes wonders: Maybe antioxidants aren't all good—aren’t there bad things that need to be oxidized?

…Tinkering with these variables sometimes seems like pulling the bottom can out of a pyramid. Pretty chancy.

…Maybe it’s the best adventure left to us…Nutrient roulette.

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