Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Don't let Junior sleep in the car seat

…Not to rev up any worried parents or anything, but the Aug/Sept Working Mother advises against letting kids sleep in their car seats.

…Infants may be at risk for suffocation.

…In a recent British Medical Journal piece, researchers studied 43 babies examined after turning blue and seeming not to be breathing.

…Nine of the 43 had been in car seats—and 8 had been carried indoors in the seats or placed in the seats indoors to nap.

…Babies’ heads tend to flop forward, said the coauthor of the study. This can cut off their air.

…Keep the baby in view when in the car (use a mirror for rear-facing tots).

…And never use the seat indoors as a bed or carry the sleeping baby in to continue sleeping in the seat.

…Some people drive their kids around to get them to sleep…Maybe this isn’t such a hot plan.

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