Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Easier for men to lose weight?

…Connie Midey tackles the men vs women thing as it applies to weight loss (Arizona Republic, July 31, 2007).

…She talked to a woman named Karen Miller-Kovach, author of She Loses, He Loses: The Truth About Men, Women, and Weight Loss.

…Men tend to say they are big, not fat or flabby (that would be women). Their synonyms for overweight denote strength and positivity.

…A weight loss doc said men bring in charts and backup material to show they are motivated.

…Older men talk about health, younger men about appearance.

…And they get quicker results than women once committed. Twenty-five percent to 50% faster!

…The more muscle, the more power plants to burn up fat.

…Men fidget and pace more. Women should try to do this.

…Men also tend to undertake a diet like a battle! Women are used to periodic squirmishes over and over.

…Couples do better undertaking changes together—keeping the caloric foods out of the house.

…But the wife can get crotchety as he loses faster.

…And maybe if he tries to act like a general? Because guess who the private would be.


js said...

And what about this fastest way to lose weight - does it differ for genders?

luccy said...

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Lose Weight Quick said...

some pretty good points there on some level i found it amusing.. i had no idea men get quicker results than women

Auto 1 said...

Lol... great read there can't argue with what the doc says... although i know woman who show just as much motivation and determination..

Nissan 4x4 said...

Very true my girlfriend and i have been exercising together doing the things neccassary to lose weight and have been getting good results...

Edam said...

Well, men have a better metabolism compared than women i believe..

By the way what do you think about Fastest Way To Lose Weight

Richard Canfield said...

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