Thursday, August 16, 2007

Inflammation, that's bad, right?

…Our bodies are out to get us, according to the Harvard HEALTHbeat for August 14.

…Apparently our Stone Age genes, accustomed to the occasional berry and charred hunk of sabertooth, can’t hack the tobacco, sluggishness, high fat meals, and processed food.

…So our body just lets go with low grade inflammation in our arteries and brains. Oh, who asked ya to?

…To combat this slow simmer, eat lots of unsaturated oils like olive, canola, walnut, and so on. Omega-3 from juicy type fish is the best!

…Forget the whites, like sugar, white bread, fries, etc.) These get the cytokines, inflammatory messengers, all excited.

….Eat…oh, here it comes...fruits and veggies. They are crammed with anti-inflammatories and things that kill free radicals, which get inflammation roused up.

…Eat nuts. They ease inflammation.

…A drink of alcohol a day lowers C-reactive protein, a signal of inflammation. That can’t be bad. Drink too much, well, CRP goes up.

…Hit the spices. Turneric, ginger, garlic, basil, peppers and many others have anti-inflammatory properties.

…Don’t expect to feel much different if you do all this. But you will be benefiting.

…Harvard sez.

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