Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Let's see what Mr Sun did to you

…Once a dermatologist asked HA, “Do you want me to examine all your skin?” She said, “Ewww. No.”

…Of course, you are supposed to say, “Yes, please.” There is even a new wave that says you should be photographed naked front and back every year.

…Caught early, melanoma can be cared for and death averted in 99% of cases.

…Perry Robins, MD, president of the Skin Cancer Foundation says end of summer is the best time to see if anything untoward has appeared on your body.

…In addition, to the yearly total bod look-see, he recommends monthly self-exams. Paients spot melanomas twice as often as doctors do.

…Use mirrors to check head and face. Part your hair with a blow dryer to see the scalp.

…Check hands including nails. Check elbows, arms, and underarms.

…Women, check under breasts.

…Put your back to a mirror and use a hand mirror to do the back parts.

…Checks legs and feet while sitting in a chair, including soles, heels, and toenails.

…What are you looking for? A skin growth that increases in size and is pearly, translucent, tan, brown, black, or muilticolored.

…Watch out for birthmarks or any brown spot that changes color, increases in size or thickness, changes in texture, is irregular in outline, or bigger than ¼ inch—the size of a pencil eraser.

..Also bad: Sores that continue to itch, crust, erode, or bleed or an open area that does not heal within 3 weeks.

…Yick. HA feels crawly now…But this could be a good thing…You know, good crawly.

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