Friday, August 24, 2007

Plate control

…At least one study has shown that specially designed plates make dieters three times as likely to lose 5% of their weight than those who receive nutritional counseling alone.

…Everyone loves toys.

…HA does not know about you, but the advice to eat a piece of meat the size of a deck of cards or spaghetti that would fill a softball is too weird and mixed message-y.

…So how about a plate that says, in essense, your meat, must fit here. Or else.

…The Brits have come up with this one— The plates (there are cereal bowls, too) are for men and women. The women’s holds 650 cals, the men’s 800.

…They cost quite a bit…17 pounds, which is what, $35 or so? How about making your own—with a sectioned paper plate?

…The earthenware would be nicer, though. Is this lame? HA has always liked compartmented plates. You are supposed to outgrow that, right?

…Compartments keep weird items from touching. Did HA type that out loud?

…You know, like chicken and broccoli juice. Or spaghetti and baked beans.

…The last two probably would not be allowed on the same plate, but you get the drift.

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