Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Shimmy and screech

…Rachel Zimmerman, WSJ, August 4, 2007, says bellydancing has come to the delivery room. Inevitable, HA supposes, what with the pole dancing, underwater deliveries (some in the ocean itself), and sipping of camomile instead of begging for drugs.

…Laboring women clutch their stomachs in a Columbia, Missouri, birthing center and swivel their hips and rotate their pelvi.

…”I danced my way through labor,” grinned one mother of three.

…Oh, please. To those of us who sweated, groaned, and indulged in not one Middle Eastern dance step, this seems a little …too trendy.

…HA did walk the corridors trying to get her kid to drop down. She seems to remember being trailed by two med students who asked her things like, “Did you have any food cravings?”

…What happened to the big sloppy bathtub a la Ricki Lake? Not that HA wanted to wallow in that puppy either.

…True that bellydancing requires a little more heft on the front porch—and a baby belly would seem to be perfect—but still…

…During active labor, in one account, the woman stands and shimmys violently back and forth.

…One woman had to crawl to the car to go to the birthing center, but was still trying to do her camel rolls.

…Another instructor said she called it birth-dancing. The word “belly,” she said, made people freak out.

…The word belly? You are crawling to the hospital, doing camel rolls (whatever they are), maybe even have your jingly belt on, and the word belly makes you freak out?

…What about “human coming out of your insides!” Now that’s freaky.

……Oh, heck, if you feel better or laugh over it, do it...

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