Thursday, August 09, 2007

What it's oil about

…Jolene Ketzenberger (Indianapolis Star) says EVOO is now OH (Old Hat).

…Even corn oil and canola are so over with.

…New kid in town—grapeseed oil. Healthy as heck! Use it to fry or dress salads.

…It’s crammed with Vit E and antioxidants. It has a light neutral flavor.

…To add more flavor, how about walnut, hazelnut, or almond oil? Pecan oil is not far off, either.

…Or how about argan oil? Whaaa, you say? Argan is an ancient fruit grown in Morocco. Argan oil is great on couscous, natch.

…Like the others, we are not talking Wesson prices—argan is $34 for 8 oz.

…Truffle oil can top that! It can run $100 an ounce—but you only need a drop or two.

…Making that olive oil look pretty good?

…You’re so smart. It’s darn good!

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