Friday, August 17, 2007

Would you smooch a pit bull?

…Several years ago, HA’s beautiful daughter came out of her room one morning with her face swollen like a cantaloupe.

…OMG, what happened? Turns out she leaned over to give a friend’s pit bull a kiss and it had tried to rip off her upper lip—19 stitches.

…Yes, as we have learned from recent stories on the charming “sport” of dogfighting, those darned pits like to rip off dog lips, too. Soft, easy target, quickly disabling.

…A year or so before that, my sister had been walking her greyhound and a pit zipped out from between two houses and slashed into Jack. Six hundred dollars worth of surgery, with drains the size of garden hoses sticking out.

…Oh, say pit lovers, it’s not the doggie, it’s the owner. The dog was probably not properly socialized. Plenty of pits are nice, family dogs. But with these, more so than other breeds, maybe, who knows what is going on in their brains?

…Some dogs, HA thinks, are not properly placed in society. They seem to have a streak.
She feels like she is profiling, saying this. She doesn’t want to see any animal branded with a bad name, much less euthanized.

…As many as 30% of the dogs in shelters are pits. Fifteen years ago, that figure was 3%. These can't all be fighting dogs.

…Writing in the NYT, July 23, 2007, Ian Urbina says one state, Virginia, has created a Dangerous Dog Registry, similar to the Sex Offenders Registry.

…33 states hold the owner liable if the dog kills or maims.

…In 2006, Ohio enacted a breed ban—though it was overturned. A hundred other cities are trying it, though.

…Texas can slap dog owners in jail for up to 10 years if the animal hurts someone while off its leash. Other states make owners of so-called “bully breeds” carry expensive liability insurance.

…Chandler, AZ, where HA lives, made it crime for a dog to bite not only a human, but another dog.

…Her sister tried to get the bitch who bit her greyhound declared dangerous. We learned this was her third offense. But when they went to pick the animal up, the family had scampered out of the country.

… The dog that bit HA’s daughter, turns out, also had priors.

…The dog in the pix? Part rottie. Another "bully breed," according to some.

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