Thursday, August 02, 2007

Yee-ow! Meet the Ghost Chile

…Apparently, it has been the stuff of rumors in chile circles…described as a cocktail of battery acid and chopped glass or “blood-red morsels of pain.”

…It’s the bhut jolokia, or ghost chile According to Tim Sullivan (AP), anyone who tries it may slowly shimmer a little and become an apparition.

…”It’s so hot you can’t imagine,” opines one Indian farmer. “When you eat it, it’s like dying.”

…Carlos Casteneda, call your service.

…Outsiders are not encouraged to sample this delight…It could be too much for their inexperienced outsider systems.

…Yes, this little devil is already in Guinness—the hottest chile in the world.

…So, of course, people now want to try it. Exporters are lining up.

…Coming soon to a Kroger’s near you? Or should that be a Croakers?

…Oh, if you can stomach a sliver of this thing, it helps stomach trouble and, weirdly, like all chiles, makes you feel cooler in summer.

…This is how salsa got started in the first place.

…Will HA be chancing it?

...Of course. Right after she gets back from Mount Everest and her scheduled shark swim.

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