Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Yucko planes

…Darren Everson, writing in the WSJ (August 8, 2007), says the plane with the sewage running in the aisles was admittedly pretty bad, but that all planes are pretty disgusting sanitation-wise.

…Often they sit on the ground (some brainiac has decided not to let people off when long delays are expected).

…One source says after a flight, planes look like a bad outtake from Animal House.

…Touch the armrest—sticky? How about the hidden surface of the turned-up tray table? Those aren't cleaned between flights.

…Because of delays, planes can miss their regular cleanings. They get a “maximum deep clean” once a month.

…Each night, supposedly, the pillows are swapped out and soiled blankets laundered. Between flights, they remove the big chunks—stuff in the seatback pouches.

…Also they don’t like to turn on the a/c while on the ground because it uses a funky little motor that can break.

…Also the toities…they don’t always work on the ground. Something about suction.

…HA is now officially grossed out.

…And that ain’t easy.

…Pack industrial-size drums of sanitizer and hope the joys of air travel will provide your family more antibodies.

…What can ya do?

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