Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Big favor? Don't get shot up with weird stuff

…Natasha Singer (NYT, Sept 2007) talks about the latest get-thin-quick scheme, lipodissolve.

….This actually started in St Louis, not some celebrity-infested coastal city.

…This amounts to sticking long needles pretty far in the cottage-cheesy areas and injecting a drug that supposedly breaks down cells in the fatty layer.

…Then where do they go? That is the problem. The FDA has not approved this.

…But that isn’t stopping the good matrons of the Midwest—they can’t wait to get this.
You know those fig. commercials—fig. does this!

…The board of medicine in Kansas tried to ban the drug after complaints, but a judge stayed the order.

…The docs argue that each drug in the compound is approved and it’s OK to smash them together.

…Cosmetic medicine is frighteningly unregulated, one doc said.

…But, don’t forget, each body part requires $2,000 in treatments. “Fig”ure that!

…One doctor was considering offering it, had himself injected (gosh, HA wishes more would road-test these treatments) and half an hour later, saw his flank turn black and feel like it had been stung by 50 bees, according to this account.

…Another male doc in the group also tried it and looked six months pregnant.

…Come on, readers, when a drug is supposed to go body-wide, what do they do? They inject it!



Dr Barry Lycka said...

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Star Lawrence said...

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Healthy Focus said...

Hello....just wanted to offer a small comment on this. Phosphatidylcholine, one of the components in these injections, is not a drug. It is a dietary supplement. Actually, it is derived from Lecithin, which is sold in health food stores to be sprinkled on top of yogurt, salad, etc. I have taken Phosphatidylcholine in softgel supplement form internally for about ten years, as it is known to be one of the most inexpensive yet potent fighters of bad cholesterol. And, it works. My doctor is constantly amazed at my triglyceride levels (38) given that my dad's family is a bunch of walking heart attack time bombs. :)

I came across this mesotherapy stuff while researching a way to get rid of my dog's fatty lipomas in a non-surgical way. He has already had 3 operations, and they are expensive and painful for him. I was contemplating giving him my PC softgels, but I feel that internal ingestion will not solve his particular problem, as fatty lipomas are encapsulated fat deposits. I began thinking about an injection, and lo and behold, came across an article referring to just such a thing for lipomas. I also saw all the other offerings for the plastic surgery crowd. Knowing what I know about chemistry and supplements, I actually have to say that as long as doctors and pharmaceutical companies are not allowed to bastardize the two components used in these injections AT ALL, then this sounds like a safe and possibly very effective way of handling stubborn localized fat deposits. Keep in mind, I hate doctors, big-pharma, plastic surgery and any other quick method of dealing with beauty issues that should be addressed through diet and exercise first. However, I believe that this method is one of the few safe ones proposed by the quacks in the industry (I am sure they stumbled over it and did not figure it out on their own). I am sure they will find a way to mess it up though. Already, the cost is ridiculous for something that you could potentially gather the ingredients and perform yourself for about $5 an injection (do NOT do this, due to the lack of knowledge on dosage and antiseptic procedures).

Anyway, just my two cents. My curiosity is aroused, and I will be discussing this with my vet for the doggie treatment. Apparently, a compounding pharmacy can put together liquid PC for injections for you. Go bag it big pharma!

Star Lawrence said...

FYI--Fig, the company pushing this, went er...belly up on Dec
12. HA is just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

I myself have used Sodium Deoxycholate via injection on 2 very large lipoma I have in my body..I knew about this method awhile back, and instead of going to some "spa" to get raped on the price, I know how can get the stuff for, I have been hearing when used sparingly, it has shown evidence to cause colon cancer, but strangely, when used vigorously, it does not. guess since ive used it pretty vigorously I shouldnt have a problem there.

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