Thursday, September 06, 2007

Bring in the herbs

…Doesn’t seem like it here in “Lil Bit of Hades,” with our record 32 days over 110 degrees, but winter is coming.

…Better Homes and Gardens advises you to bring your herbs indoors and enjoy freshness year-round.

…Annuals like basil will continue growing inside—perennials can even be returned to outside in spring.

…Select a container large enough to contain the root ball. Partially fill the pot with potting soil, set the root area on top and fill in with more potting soil.

…Water throughly when transplanted. Think of the plant as having undergone a stressful medical procedure—it needs soaking and comforting.

…Leave the pots outside in a shaded area to give the herbs time to regroup.

…When you get ready to bring pots indoors, check for insects. Water thoroughly while outside, wash off the leaves. Blast water onto the leaves to dislodge hitchhikers.

….Your herbs may be disgruntled to be inside and drop some leaves. Put them on a windowsill with at least six hours of sun daily. Pinch them back to make them grow more vigorously.

…The parts you pinch off? Delish in a salad or on chicken.

…With rosemary, don’t overwater. Mist frequently. Otherwise the red spider mites will find your yummy plant and as The Greaseman used to say, you will be hatin’ life.

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