Friday, September 07, 2007

Financial worries can hurt physically

…In a poll about a year ago, half of all Americans said they worried about debt.

…With the housing mess, this may be higher.

….The average household has 10 credit cards…and the average interest is 19%.

…HA is about to hurl just reading this!

…All this worry can make migraines worse. Squirts of the fat-making hormone cortisol can cause or worsen heart disease, high blood pressure, and even some forms of cancer.

…Not sleeping, pounding in the ice cream, eeek! All this from freakin’ credit cards?

…Credit counselors say they get referrals from company Employee Assistant Programs. Debt-ridden workers are moody, angry and unproductive.

…You can rein in spending. Many people, counselors say, don’t even know what they spend. You can ask how much gas cost last time and they get the Duh Face.

…Look at all your bills, check your credit. You may not even know you are being overwithheld and giving Uncle a free loan.

…You may need a wealth plan, not just a debt plan. Save even a little at first.

…The conventional wisdom is to pay the highest interest card first. But if you want to kick one out the door, pay the lowest balance card first.

…HA likes the online savings places like Until she found out how to transfer the money back to checking, she was doing great on that one!

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