Thursday, September 27, 2007

Food helps healing

…Laura Landro (WSJ, Sept 19, 2007) writes about how some hospital food is putting Jell-O out of business.

…Recently, at Kaiser Permanente’s South Sacramento Medical Center, a delighted sick person lunched on hot squash soup, tuna on pita, and whole wheat crackers.

…Hospitals are trying to buy fresh produce nearby now and serve patients on demand, like room service in a hotel.

…Almond chicken with pomegranate sauce was one entrée mentioned, or oven roasted potatoes tossed with herbs and olive oil.

…Even patients on restricted diets can savor gourmet flavors. The chefs even duke it out Iron Chef style to see who can make the most edible foods out of the least objectionable ingredients..

…Although some still offer comfort foods like meat loaf, the definition of what gives comfort is changing, claimed one expert. Today’s patient may want to cozy up to portabello mushrooms and asiago cheese (meat loaf, please).

…Yes, there is a Natl Society for Healthcare Food Service Management. It reports that room service will soon be in almost half of their member hospitals.

…In today’s environment, patients often go home as soon as they can eat. So this is less of an issue.

…And some patients complain about the use of garlic and herbs.

…HA remembers being in two hospitals on a liquid diet—grape juice, rootbeer popsicles, and black coffee. Better than nothing, her previous allowed diet.

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