Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Keep your thumbs on that wheel

…HA doesn’t drive, but she does ride and prefers to stay alive. You drivers putting on makeup, changing your pants, swatting the kids, and yakking on the horn were bad enough—but now you are thumb-typing!

…Ninety-percent of Americans think texting should be outlawed behind the wheel—but 57% say they do it! They already outlawed it in AZ—but people are writing in to the paper saying, try and catch us!

…Or maybe they texted in.

…OK, so you’re fabulous at it—but what about the other guy? Inattention times two—HA doesn’t love the math there.

…80% of crashes involve inattention. Talking on the phone triples the risk of a crash.

…Concentrating on the conversation is a form of tunnel vision, according to one expert.

…Texting is worse! You have to look away from the road while your giant, spatulate thumbs mash around.

…Yeah, it’s mostly the young stuff doing this. Kids are specifically outlawed from phoning and texting in CA.

…Some people believe in the “one glance” rule. If you can look away for a glance only, it’s OK to do it.

…Truck running a red!

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