Monday, September 17, 2007

Morning quickies

…Breakfast eaters are smarter, quicker, and have better hair, blah blah. It is considered a good idea to fuel up with something in the morning.

…Writing in the Arizona Republic (Sept 12, 2007), Karen Fernau has some ideas for fast breakfasts.

…Granola or breakfast bars are OK, though nutritionists warn that they are full of fat and sugar. Look for whole grains and 5 grams of fiber. Make sure they have some protein, too. (And watch that styrofoam.)

…Fruit is quick—God packaged it for ya.

…Like those eggs? Scramble two and wrap in a tortilla.

…Lose the milk and put cereal in a bag to nibble in the car.

…Airpopped popcorn is also good. Throw in some cheese chunks.

…Cut-up fruit in fruit yogurt is a decent meal. Even veggies in fruit yogurt. Who’s to know?

…Cheese and whole wheat crackers?

…Ham sandwich? PB&J? Why are they for lunch only? People who eat two tablespoons of peanut butter a day may have more stable blood sugar.

…HA won’t even tell you what her breakfasts are like. Sometimes (hint) they involve braunschweiger and always they involve a snooty 26-lb yellow cat with bright blue eyes who sits right on the table.

…Be like that! Who invited you over anyhow?


fttctm said...

Even more fast and convenient for breakfast on the go - hard boiled eggs - boiled in advance and refridgerated, of course. I buy the Eggland's Best ones (Omega 3's and 25% less saturated fat)so I can feel even smarter about eating breakfast!

Star Lawrence said...

I love hard-boiled eggs! Thanks for reminding me.