Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tell Momma the babysitter's prepared

…Writing in the Arizona Republic (Sept 12, 2007), Kerry Fehr-Snyder talks about adventures in babysitting.

…Ah, babysitting. HA was a demon babysitter. She had biz cards and everything and this was back when dinos roamed.

…First, parents, it’s not enough to leap out the door giggling gleefully and yelling, “Try to keep the little beggars alive. Bye!”

…You might even inquire if your babysitter has taken a course in the finer points. Such courses are given everywhere.

…In one, the nurses (it’s at a hospital), tell the kids they are now responsible for someone’s life. That ought to calm ‘em down and make them throw away the boyfriend’s number.

…The Phoenix police have some other tips. They caution babysitters to find out how many kids will be there, their ages, bedtimes, foods, medicines, etc. to see if this job seems appropriate for them.

…Babysitters should never allow anyone into the house unless the parents said it was OK ahead of time.

…Never tell callers you are the babysitter and no one else is there. Just say the parents will call back.

…Do not go outside to investigate noises or commotion. Turn on the outside lights and call the police.

…Make sure the address of the house is posted by the phone. And the cell phone number of the parents.

…Make sure you have a ride home. Dad may not be fit to drive you.

…Have all special instructions in writing.

…Find out where the fire extinguishers are and the first aid kit.

…Be sure all doors and windows are locked.

…Be sure you know how to play with kids—they like to play! Toddlers like to bang things, jump, draw and color. Older kids like to read. Be patient. Never leave the kids alone. Play with them!

…HA’s ex- used to tell the sitter: “If it’s a breathing or bleeding emergency, don’t call us, call 911.”

…HA’s worst moment came when the employer’s collie threw up all over the house. She called her own mother and her mother told her to deal with it.

…HA earned her money that night.


Treo said...

Dad may not be fit to drive you? lol um that's funny...

Star Lawrence said...

I remember once when my kid's dad drove the first babysitter home. I don't know WHAT he was thinking, but he reported back that she wanted to talk about nuclear disarmament and he couldn't get home fast enough!