Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Whoa, babies, watch those microchips

…HA finally got a new dog and the vet wanted to microchip him. It was spendy, so HA declined.

…The FDA-approved microchips for people (containing their medical records or more likely—HA is cynical—whereabouts for the feds) with the knowledge that there are studies going back into the ‘90s showing that chip implants “induced” malignant tumors in rats and mice.

…One investigator said the transponders in the chips caused the tumors.

…The Associated Press had some leading cancer docs go over the data and they said, well, animal tests aren’t like humans, but still…very interesting.

…They would not allow family members to get chipped, these investigators said.

…About 2,000 of these things—called radio-frequency identification, or RFID, chips-- have been put in people worldwide.

…The manufacturer, VeriChip Corp, thinks 45 million Americans could use one for their medical records. These have also been proposed to track wandering Alzheimer's patients.

...The company points out that no pets have developed tumors.

…One little tiny thing: Health and Human Services secretary Tommy Thompson left office shortly after the approval of the chips—and became a board member of VeriChip six months later.

…He claims he had nothing to do with FDA approval of the chips.

…The American Medical Association also endorsed their benefits for humans, but now says it didn’t know about the 10 years of cancer research on them before approving their use.

...HA is just sayin’. Chipping people is creepy anyway. This is not happening to her dog or her family.

…Maybe Tommy Thompson should get one.


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