Thursday, October 04, 2007

Baby onboard

…HA’s niece is expecting and HA has been poring over baby development sites to see the week by week progress.

…Here is one… Some of the book chapter headings have ultrasounds of babies hanging out and yawning, etc. The book will be out next May. (So will HA’s niece’s baby—long before then.)

..Another good one is

…It’s fun to relive the glory days of reproduction. You know, when you are sitting on the end barstool and thinking, “Hmmm, these eggs might be getting a tad old.”

…Strollers, carseats, recalls…Yes, everything we thought we knew seems to be subject to revision.

…Take those cute baby bumpers you put around the inside of the crib so the infant will not scrunch over to the edge and bump into a hard dowel.

…HA’s daughter had the cutest ones—with snarky green alligators on them (explains so much about her, come to think of it).

…Well, darn, now some killjoy doc says these little doodads can strangle your baby. They stuff their heads into the softness and can’t pull it back out, they say. Twenty-seven little ones have had this happen in the last 20 years.

…If you get the hard bumpers, junior explorers can stand on them and climb out.

…Sometimes the bumpers tie on with cords that can tangle the tot.

…Nothing is sacred anymore. Not even green gators.


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