Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Beware soccer toe

…Foot and ankle surgeon Matthew Dairman, DPM, says he sees a lot of children with ingrown toenails during soccer season.

…Apparently, the youngsters wear hand-me-down cleats that pinch and roll toes over.

…They even like a tighter feel, helping them to control the ball.

…Add to that the blows from kicking—and yeowch!

…When you kick with an ingrown toenail, you won’t soon forget the pain!

…This doctor knows—he had one.

…It can take a 10-minute surgery to remove the ingrown part of the nail. This also allows removal of the nail root so that part does not grow back.

…Most kids are fine the next day.

…Dairman recommends cutting tonails straight across and not too short.

…Parents should keep checking cleats for size—a growing kid can change sizes mid-season.

…If an ingrown toenail burts, hot soaks and gentle massage can help.

…HA can honestly say she is not playing any soccer and promises to never even put that picture in your mind again—but if you are, heed!

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