Friday, October 12, 2007

Brave New Supermarket

…Merry Olde England! They have developed so-called “intelligent” shopping carts that tell you when you are piling in too much junk food.

…One aspect, touch screen computers mounted on carts to give nutritional advice, has been test-driven in the US, too.

…The little devils peek at barcodes and start spewing advice.

…One industry exec said shoppers want barcode readers to calculate nutritional content and tell them when they have blown their caloric budget.

…Maybe the former. The latter is a skinny person’s job.

…They checked. A third of those surveyed wanted the computer on there.

…Can’t you just see Mom with three screeching tots lobbying for Cocoa Puffs and some mechanical voice going, “Surgary cereal violation on Aisle 3, sugary cereal violation on Aisle 3."

…Technology buffs? Leave us alone, why don’t you?

…And your puny little idea that having the nutritional info on the computer would save trees because labels could be smaller…please do bite HA.

…We may throw a bottle of booze or a PopTart in our cart, but we are not stupid!


twobuyfour said...

Here's to using your own brain when you shop! Mom always said All things in moderation. Think of the riot your cart would make if you went to the store specifically to stock up before a kid's birthday party or football game tailgate party!

Star Lawrence said...

Hee hee. Yes, I laffed out loud. What a cliche...but I did. Sometimes I look at my items on the counter--paper towels, maccycheese, wine,fried chicken and think--yeah, I am a real health nut. The last thing I need is my cart blatting about it. (Yes, other times, I have lettuce in there, maybe even broccoli, etc.)