Thursday, October 25, 2007

Car safety for preggos

…Lauren Fix is host of an automotive program called The Car Coach.

…Pregnant women, she says, are often worried that their belly is too close to the steering wheel or that the airbag will hurt or not protect the baby.

…Even though seatbelts are uncomfy in later stages of pregnancy, they are necessary!Keep the lap belt low, under the tummy. Keep at least 12 inches between your belly and the airbag area. Position the chest belt so it doesn't cut your neck.

….Don’t use a pillow in front—move the seat back.

…If your vehicle is high—say a pickup—you may need a stepstool to get in. But be very careful!

…After the baby is born, you will also need space—for all the junk! Make sure it is higher for loading, sich as a Crossover or SUV.

…Minivans are easiest for installing the carseat.

…Always look for a five-star crash test rating on both the driver and passenger seat and both sides. Airbags front and side are ideal.

…Infants and small children should be in carseats. But kids up to 4’9” need a booster.

…Belted in, of course!

…HA is shocked to see little kids even in the beds of pickups! Where is a cop when you need one?

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