Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Do more active brains grow less "moss"?

…A recent study (Arch Gen Psychiatry, Oct 1, 2007), suggests that disciplined, purposeful people with goals in life may get Alzheimer’s-like tangles of plaque in their brains, but not the accompanying dementia symptoms.

…HA read this with interest because she is very purposeful and fears getting ga-ga.

…The scientists speculate that all that purposeful thinking may create mental pathways that bypass the plaque areas.

…Lifestyle, personality, how we think, feel and behave, one doctor said, are tied up with this illness.

…People in distress or who worry about their lives may have a higher risk. Darn, there goes HA’s safety net!

…The subjects of the study were Catholic priests, nuns, and brothers (significant?). The “conscientious” ones were identified in advance with such questions as: “I strive for excellence in everything I do.”

…Dutiful people had a 54% lower chance of Alzheimer’s (HA guesses compared with slapdash, flighty priests).

…Staying active physically, doing crosswords and brain twisters, and other activities have also been linked to dodging Alzheimer’s.

…Presumably doing these things compulsively or dutifully is also good.

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