Friday, October 26, 2007

Hiking is supposed to be fun

…HA lives in a special, seared, thousand-degree hell circle, where people go bounding up mountains with their dog and come back without their dog, which has expired on the slopes.

…Common sense, shall we say, is not commonplace.

…Now that it’s cooling and getting downright crisp in some places, time to hit the trails again.

…Writing for the Cronkite News Service, Sonu Munshi has some tips for those venturing into the woods.

…First, you may think you are some orienteering genius and a practiced woodsman, but trees look similar to each other and you can get lost. Sign in, do whatever you are supposed to to give searchers a starting point.

…Even if it’s a day trip, take food and plenty of water (even if you are not in the desert—have you ever had giardia—well, HA has and here’s a tip, don’t drink creek water).

…Lug one gallon, per person, per day.

…Take a map—or make one as you go along.

…Wear proper shoes…you may be on those feet 24 hrs, not three.

…Take a fully charged cellphone. You may not get a signal, but you could.

…Take a whistle and signal mirror.

…Take a jacket—even the desert gets cold at night.

…Take some bandage pads and antiseptic.

…Take a knife or multitool.

…Take matches or a firestarter.

…That Survivorman guy Les Stroud (HA loves him because he bitches about the out-of-doors while making his living off it) never seems to think of looking for berries or food for about four days.

…But some trail mix or granola bars might be nice.

…Stroud once ate a fish an eagle dropped. You don’t want to count on eagles for your sustenance. They are flighty.

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