Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Spritzing for health

…NutraMist is an oral spray, with variations for things that ail or affect ya.

…It comes in four types…Energy Surge for er, more energy. Crave Control (hoodia)to prevent scarfing. Sleep Now (melatonin and valerian) and Immune Boost (C, Zinc, echinacea)—well, you get the pix.

…You squirt 6 shots into your mouth and …wait…

…The manufacturer says half of Americans have trouble swallowing pills. Thus the squirting.

…HA has a deeply held belief that trying these things out for you readers is above and beyond the call, but she did try the energy boost one five mins ago.

…Is she typing faster?

…Has she become an optimist?

…This stuff is caffeine free (think B12, ginseng, green tea).

…”Replace the blahs with the ahs,” it says. HA wishes she had written that.

…Maybe with more squirts, she could.

…Uh-oh, in her new energized state, HA reread the B12 amts—25,000% of recommended daily dose of B12. Isn’t that a lot of thousands of percents?

…That made HA tired…

…Honestly, she cannot feel much of a difference, which is probably good. She didn’t want to feel heart-poundy and relentlessly creative.

…Check out NutraMist Oral Sprays at Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CVS, GNC, and the like.
It’s about eight bucks for 180 zaps.

…Or go to www.nutramistproducts.com. HA could not get it to open, so she sprayed it.

…Irrational exuberance? Could it be the B12 finally?


Star Lawrence said...

Update: I tried the Sleep version and it knocked me out--fast. Better than melatonin pills. No morning grogginess, either. I am still not an optimist, though.

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hea said...
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