Monday, October 29, 2007

Superstition or caution?

…According to Alan Fram and Trevor Tompson, Associated Press, a third of people believe in ghosts.

…OK, granted, ghosts are real. Moving on…

…Half believe in ESP.

…Almost one quarter say they have been in the presence of a ghost—or as HA kid’s said in one apartment, “the person who moves things around.”

…Almost a third say they have awoken with the sense of a strange presence in the room. HA has not, and thanks a mill for putting this thought out there!

…HA did decide not to wrap her house in CAUTION TAPE this Halloween—a little too CSI for comfort.

…The percentages of people who believe in ghosts are about the same as those who believe Bush is aces.

…In other words, they could be wrong.

…People in HA’s family have been out in the desert and watched UFOs chase for hours. (There were some lights in Phoenix no one can explain to this day.)

…If you drill into the study, single men are more superstitious than single women—almost twice as.

…Mentioned as no-nos are walking under a ladder, black cats, breaking mirrors, opening umbrellas indoors, and Friday the 13 or the Number 13 in general.

…The other day, HA’s kid said take your purse off the floor, it’s bad luck. HA said she had never heard that. “It’s Mexican,” HA’s daughter replied.

…Hey, we can’t be logical and shrewd all the time. Where’re the shivers and fun in that?


Paul Levy said...

Not related to this, but please check out Grand Rounds today at Some moving and insightful stories about experiences in hospitals. Thanks.

Star Lawrence said...

I read this blog everyday. Thanks.