Wednesday, October 17, 2007


…Bee goo is delicious! The National Honey Board recently graced HA with a smokin’ package about the golden delights of honey.

…Do you eat honey—or did you forget about it?

…The Egyptian royals were buried with honey to “sweeten” their passage to the afterlife.

…Honey is antibacterial, so some of that funeral honey is still being found unspoiled, which to HA is both cool and disturbing, her favorite combination.

…Supposedly Cupid dipped his arrows in honey to fill the lovers’ hearts with sweetness.

…Honey, according to the Honey Board, is being considered for a role in cataracts and ulcers (in curing them, that is).

…Honey is also applied to severe burns because—ironically—it does not stick to the wound.

…In the US alone, there are more than 300 types of honey. The flavor comes from the blossoms nearby. HA remembers trying honey once that tasted like hay. Check out

…This could be a fun project for kids, too. Go to

…The buzz on bees, however, is sort of disheartening these days—they are falling prey to some mite or disease.

…So get your honey while you can!

…(Oh, and if the bees disappear, so will most foods, and mankind, but sleep tight.)

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