Thursday, October 18, 2007

Time for your annual checkup---not

...Remember the annual physical? Oh, you still get one?

…Did you know the major medical groups now say it may not be necessary?

…If you have no symptoms, this workup may not be helping you much.

…Trotting over for those blood tests and the rubber glove costs $7.8 bill a year!

…Docs have been questioning this since the 1970s.

…It may be useful for the doc to “intervene” and lecture you on weight, cholesterol or smoking, the critics allow.

…But the physicians—say some—should be deciding who needs periodic testing.

…HA can never get her test results when she does go.

…What are we to make of doctors who will not extend your prescriptions unless you caome every three months, six months or a year? How do we know if this is justified or just a revenue issue?

….It’s your decision—ask the doctor about it. It’s all part of the crapshoot we now call medical care.

…Your call.

…But first, let’s review, shall we? This does not apply to pregnant women, women in childbearing years, or people with symptoms!

…If something is wrong, call the doctor. I don’t want you saying HA said I didn’t have-ta.

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