Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What if you knew a drug would probably work?

…HA has a hate on for big pharmaceuticals docs pass out—which then half-kill people.
There is way too much of this going around.

…She keeps thinking we are at a very primitive point with this “one size fits all” stuff.

…Several years ago, HA wrote about the Hercept Test—this was a test, marketed with the breast cancer drug Herceptin, that gave docs an idea whether the patient would benefit from Herceptin.

…Writing in the Arizona Republic (Oct 18, 2007), Ken Alltucker talks about the future of tailored medicine.

…The Virgina G Piper Center for Peronalized Diagnostics, headed by a Nobel laureate, is starting here in Phoenix.

…If you use a medicine likely to be effective, it saves money.

…Get this: The past eight big cancer drugs approved in the US cost $40,000 to $100,000 per cycle of treatment and helped only 20-30% of those who got them.

…The new center will develop blood tests to see if a drug is appropriate for a given patient.

…You might want to ask your doctor if there is a personal diagnostic test for a drug he or she prescribes.

…HA saw a recent study that showed that many women did not get the Hercept Test before getting Herceptin, which then had a good chance of not working on their breast cancer.

…If we get tests, we need to get docs to use them. And insurers to pay.

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