Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Women get creative about breast cancer

…Is good or a burden? To see something wrong and try to fix it? HA has that affliction.

…Marcy Alboher, NYT, Oct 25, 2007), says many breast cancer survivors are feeling better and then attacking things that went wrong with their treatment experience.

…Rachel Roixell and Kristin Dudley started a company called Lymphedivas to make a better looking compression sleeve for the swelling that overflowing lymph glands can sometimes cause after b/c surgery.

…Banu Ozden started a company called Smart Medical Consumer to help others manage the paperwork that dogged her during two bouts with cancer.

…One provider of microloans, Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence, said that six of the 100 businesses that got a million bucks from her company were founded by b/c survivors.

…There are now 23 million such survivors in the US.

…HA knows people with lymphedema and it can be a very annoying problem. The sleeves women must wear are, as one said, invented by middle-aged white guys who weren’t even the customer.

…Now Lymphedivas offers a better looking alternative. Go to

…The woman who started the medical records company was told twice she had cancer, the second time, it had spread.

…Leigh Hurst started a company to help women get serious about self-exams. She told everyone she met, she says, “to feel your boobies.” Now she sells T’s that advise the same.

…Another woman, Kim Carlos, used to meet at Nordstrom’s with other relatively young women with b/c. The result was a book—"Nordie’s At Noon,” which led to a career as a motivational speaker.

…Life-enhancing…emphasis on life. And on enhancing.


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