Monday, November 12, 2007

All I want for Christmas is an MRI

…The health care system is now officially broken—you can buy health gift cards. Add this to the bake sales and car washes needed to treat young cancer patients, and this is over!

…Give granny a transfusion or a colonoscopy.

…Health insurer Highmark is selling Visa healthcare gift cards in denominations between $25 and $5,000 to cover elective surgeries, gym memberships, and eyeglasses—fun things like that.

…Visa decides which offices are health-related and the card only works there. (Gosh, that should be no problem, what could go wrong?)

…Also, in the case of college students, they could not waste it on non-health items (like food and iPods).

…You can only get these online or by calling.

…This is a present, not charity, ventured the spokesperson.

…Highmark expects to sell several hundred thousand of these, in the under $100 range.

…So far, these are only available in Pennyslvania.

…What do you think? Is this an adult version of getting socks for Christmas? Like getting a boob job instead of a fur coat from your Sugar Daddy?

…Which, by the way, HA sorely needs. The latter, not the former.


Noah said...

Correction: The gift cards are only being marketed in PA but are actually available to anyone, regardless of their locale, online at They can be used and are accepted at all healthcare providers, merchants, and businesses that accept Visa around the U.S.

Star Lawrence said...

Cool. Thanks for writing.

Noah said...

No problem :)