Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Baby inbed

…HA freely admits it. Her kid slept in the parents’ bed until she was about five.

…Sort of like they do in third-world countries. The family bed. HA knows of another family who all slept in the same bed—two kids that time.

…Some people don’t like to sleep alone. HA now sleeps with a dog. It’s cozy.

…Tara Parker-Pope, the former health maven at the WSJ, now has a wide-ranging portfolio to do a health blog at the NYT and took this subject on.

…Her kid sleeps in her bed.

…Ann Landers used to get in a swivet about this. But HA could never get that excited.

…In fact, in the affluent US, with lots of bedrooms in every house, 13% of parents bunk with the kids, up from 5.5% 15 years ago.

…There may be more. People often deny it—Pope calls them “closet co-sleepers.”

…They don’t want people sniffing like Ann and calling their babies “needy.” Pediatricians, it seems, are down on this. They say it may cause “sudden infant death syndrome,” though the data are not there.

…When HA’s kid was tiny, HA sort of ringed her with pillows.

…Some data does show more wakings at night. (Yes, they can wet the bed—bummer.)

…When the kid’s in your bed—you know about the wakings. If the kid is in another room, you don’t. Some wakings may be normal for that child.

…If your kid is there because you can’t get him or her to sleep any other way—if it’s stressful—you are more likely to think it’s an issue.

…Pope was encouraged to take her kid at night because her daughter was waking the other babies. She got used to it.

…Now, her daughter sleeps at friends’, but still crawls in with Mom sometimes.

…What about conjugal relations, you may ask?

…Preschool comes pretty fast—and nooners still rock.

...Ever heard the cliche: Where's there's a will, etc.

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