Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Be real about plastic surgery

…Christopher J Saunders, MD, is a board certified plastic surgeon who has performed more than 10,000 operations.

…But he says when it comes to cosmetic surgery, be smart.

…He has written a booked titled a Woman’s Guide to the “Real-Reality” of Cosmetic Surgery. Real-reality? Anyhow—you get the idea.

…At the outset, HA has to say that if you look at his fuzzy black and white “before and afters” you may feel pretty good about your body, as is. There is no sugar-coating here.

…First, forget the TV shows. Those docs are all media hounds. One, Jan Adams, was the surgeon operating when Kanye West’s mother died. Turns out he allegedly is not board-certifiied and has DUIs. That mouthy one who does the karate on Dr 90210--can’t remember his name, the one with the model wife--is also not board-certified.

…Less is NOT more, Saunders says about 25 different ways (this guy has never met a point he could not make a dozen times). Lesser treatments gain you less.

…There will be pain. And with few exceptions (minimal resurfacing) healing time is weeks, not hours. You can’t rush the body.

…There will be scars in some cases. Doctors can usually hide them in hair or creases.

…He warns against “the pull.” Pulling skin back wth your hands. The surgeries do not achieve this end result.

…Lipo makes a smaller you but you are still you. If you had stretchmarks, they will still be there, and so on.

…Those full body lifts mean getting cut all the way around—you will have a scar that shows you were cut in half, basically.

…You can get details on all the options by buying the book.

…Saunders even has a section on how to afford him. Helpfully, he suggests dropping the towing on your auto insurance, not overwitholding your taxes, avoiding late fees, not paying ATM charges, having yard sales and selling on eBay.

…Is it HA or this being a little too helpful? Get going with that scrimping and saving and we will warm up the operating room for ya.

…Now, that’s real-reality!

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