Thursday, November 01, 2007

Black is the new green

…Janet Helm, Chicago Tribune, says even AFTER Halloween, we will be eating black food.

…Licorice? (This is bad for those on blood thinners, did you know?)

…No, not just licorice. Black foods are er, hot in Asia and comin’ over! This according to a global market research firm.

…Japan is agog over a cocoa drink spiked with black soybeans. There is also a black soybean tea.

…Black vinegar drinks also are said to lower cholesterol and BP.

…In traditional Chinese medicine, black foods are thought to help the kidneys.

…Actually, some of this is probably true—the dark pigments contain power antioxidants. Look at the press blueberries get these days!

…Anthocyanins (black stuff) have been shown to slow colon cancer when contained in blue corn.

…Black carrots also slowed cancer cell growth 80%.

…Black carrots?

…Some other good ones: Black beans, black rice (more nutrients and fiber), black soybeans (protein, antioxidants), Black vinegar (check the Asian markets), Nigella seeds (black onion seeds), and black mushrooms (shiitake, wood ear, black trumpet).

…HA thought of blackberries, black cherries (not black), caviar (not always), black grapes, black currants, black coffee…this is fun…

…That pix? Caviar roll. This brings up, pardon the expression, another point.

...Is black an appetizing color?

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