Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Cough, barf!

…Jeanne Whalen, writing in the WSJ on Nov 5, 2007, talks about Novartis’s new cough syrup, Buckley’s Cough Mixture. When this revered Canadian product comes to the US this week, the emphasis will be on how gross it is.

…Remember how your mother used to tell you that if it stings, it means it’s working (this stuff comes out of the standard Mom handbook, which is hardly ever updated).

…Well, this is a variation on that theme. It’s horrible-tasting, but it works!

…Buckley’s is made from camphor, pine needle oil, menthol and Balsam gum.

…We are pretty much talking Pine Sol here, it looks like to HA. But you can’t even BEGIN to insult this stuff—keep reading.

…The ads compare it to "used mouthwash” and “public restroom puddle.”

…The cough syrup biz is in a tizz because they are being asked not to market to kids. Maybe this restroom puddle stuff will give it a boost.

…In another stab, the ad agency said Buckley’s was for "adults seeking tough love.”

…Some cough syrups are like a variation of candy, sniffed one ad exec.

…Well, HA thinks Buckley’s has the opposite locked down. On its answering machine, the company also describes the mixture as “state fair porta-potty,” “monkey sweat,” and “used denture soak.”

…Personally? HA will be coughing, thank you.

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