Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Drugstore finally sucking up

…Women need more sucking up. HA approves--but has some suggestions.

…CVS Caremark has set out to be a one-stop destination for tired, stressed-out women.

…Four million females shop there every day. Women are 80% of the chain’s shoppers. “Everything falls to women,” mourns the pharmacy’s mid-Atlantic manager. (HA loves this guy!)

…Focus groups of women told the store they want an easier store to navigate, shorter wait times for prescriptions, and more beauty products. What—they forgot latte, free babysitting and foot massages, and wi-fi internet access?

…So far, 20% of the stores have been remodeled to fulfill the focus groups’ ideas, not HA’s.

…Of course, CVS is in a little throwdown with Walgreen’s and the stakes are high.

...Because CVS merged with Caremark, a benefits management co, they will be offering smoking cessation, obesity prevention, and other programs.

…CVS has more stores than Wal-Mart, which can be a convenience issue when Mom is dragging out of the doctor’s with sick toddlers in tow.

…CVS is also offering special beauty testing areas for Mom. There are bath salts for “me time.”

…If HA is going to park, walk in, and spend (when food has to be a separate trip), she expects a red carpet, people waving ostrich feather fans (in summer), elves to carry her basket (those are heavy, drug store people), a thick tablet of coupons, a cabana boy named Thor, and a demerol IV!

…She might try one of those in-store clinics sometime, though. Will CVS have those?

...HA might give up Thor for fast health care.

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