Friday, November 23, 2007

Expensive little red berry

…Joseph Pereira and Betsy McKay write in the WSJ, Nov 21, 2007, that poor weather and rising demand for fresh cranberries may lead to shortages by Christmas.

…Canned will be available, though spendy. (HA is quite partial to the kind with can marks on the side that quivers when plopped on a plate.)

…Apparently the Ocean Spray folks and others have been a lit-tul too good at convincing people that cranberries are healthy (they are), and now demand is chasing supply.

…Cranberries are now included in 2,200 products from muffin mix to soap, the two write.

…The swampy bushes like cold weather—last winter was too warm. They also like rain, and last winter was dry.

…So prices are up—on the concentrate, on the berries. Ocean Spray and the gang cannot get enough berries to start supplying new markets like Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the Phillippines.

…People down the juice year-round now to prevent urinary trct infections. There is also some evidence that cranberries deter dental plaque and tooth decay.

…Now Ocean Spray touts the thing as its “wonderberry.”

…Of course, the term fruitaceutical came next.

…Then they found out the leftover cranberry seeds had Omega-3 oil—so now they make concotions out of them.

…And don’t forget the unfortunately named craisins.

…OK, forget them. It’s OK with HA. She prefers her cranberries in Sea Breeze or Cosmo form.

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