Friday, November 16, 2007

Frolicking in the Alps

…Feeling a little provincial, bunky? Life a little on the drab side?

…Ever feel like everyone is having fun but you?

…They are!

…A new catering business has opened at ski resorts in the French, Austrian, and Swiss Alps (oh, stop, wouldn’t one be enough to make us feel like 2 Euros?).

…As HA stares at a cactus, with her recently tick-ridden dog barking his fool head off, she must share some copy with you: “After shushing through crisp mountain air to a clearing offering a majestic mountain view, you break for a buffet of hot soup, foie gras, and aged cheeses, with Champagne chilling in a snowbank nearby.”

…After that—no, HA will not spare you--you can hop onto a ultralight plane (assuming you did not eat too much force-fed goose organ).

…This is Picnic on the Piste. For beginners on easy slopes for caterers to reach (HA assumes they are spry European types), it’s 15 Euros. If they have to haul the vittles over to a tricky area, it’s 69.

…Want to eat your heart out—go to

…What’s a piste? Oh, don’t tell her. HA couldn’t take it.

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